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Merde à tous ceux qui m’ont voté.

A Miragouane, President Michel Sweet Miky Martelly traite une femme de "pute" (bouzen en Creole)

A Miragoane, Sweet Miky crache ses cochonneries: “Merde aux Haïtiens qui m’ont voté!” D’habitude les Haitiens donnent, cherchent, trouvent un sens caché à tout. Et l’exhibitionnisme définitivement compulsif de Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly rentre, pour certains, dans le schéma d’un agenda croit-on, caché. Bluff! Du grand bluff! Martelly is really …

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Haiti still runs as a colony of the international and its own leaders

Haiti still runs as a colony of the international and NGO’S Haiti is an independent country, but for the past 100 years, it appears that Haiti still remains under the colonists. While one may seem to think that the colonial powers continue to oppress Haitians, this is not true. There …

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Are Foreign NGOs Rebuilding Haiti Or Just Cashing In?

Haiti playsHOST  to over 10,000 NGOs, whose foreign workers By Nathalie Baptiste, July 10, 2015.   The devastating earthquake that struck Haiti five years ago was followed by a flood, as billions of dollars were poured into a reconstruction effort largely led byPRIVATE non-governmental organizations. Almost immediately, Haitians, activists, and well-wishing donors the …

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Bill Clinton contrite For A Lot Of Things

WASHINGTON — As president, Bill Clinton was wrong about Wall Street deregulation and various elements of his foreign policy, pushed trade policies that painfully drove up drug prices around the world, sowed chaos in Mexico through his prosecution of the drug war and exacerbated the problem of mass incarceration through …

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Haitian Embassy evicted in Pretoria for Rent Non-Payment

Haitian Embassy evicted in Pretoria for Rent Non-Payment Here is a picture of the Haitian Embassy in Pretoria South Africa as possessions of the property were taken to a storage after a judge had had ordered the local sheriff to remove the belonging. The order was issued this Friday and …

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Mirlande Manigat dénonce la mainmise des USA sur les elections de 2011 alors qu’elle a mal digéré sa défaite fabriquée par l’Internationale

Pour qui sont ces serpents qui sifflent sur nos têtes …? Par Mirlande H Manigat Il y a un peu plus de quatre ans, les compatriotes qui m’avaient soutenue dans le combat pour être élue à la Présidence de la République et moi-même, nous avions appris avec stupéfaction, incrédulité et …

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Sins of the Father, Sins of the Son: Corruption in Haiti’s Presidential Family

Sins of the Father, Sins of the Son: Corruption in Haiti’s Presidential Family   Olivier Martelly, the son of the President of Haiti, looks to be following in the footsteps of his father. This young man with no real job but yet has many real estate holdings, fancy cars and …

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Haiti Min of Education Nesmy Manigat tackles Psugo corruption at the roots

While there are many dire predictions for Haitian’s stability and future, the election of new leadership presents a new opportunity to prioritize efforts to improve governance, fight corruption, and enhance accountability.  The political will to tackle graft in Haiti, and the demand from citizens to do so, is arguably greater …

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