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Haïti, vendue ou dépossédée ? Le cas de La Gonâve.

Haïti, vendue ou dépossédée ? Le cas de La Gonâve.   L’on sait déjà très bien qu’on ne fait jamais rien pour rien. L’Américain dit toujours “there’s no free lunch (il n’y a pas de plats gratuits).” L’intelligence haïtienne ferait bien de comprendre que le pays nous échappe de la …

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Haiti: The High Price Of Instability

Well, the prime minister of Haiti has resigned as part of an effort to clear way for a temporary government to replace outgoing president Martelly. This occurred chiefly due to the daily violent protests, said government sources. Martelly leaves office on Sunday but he can look back and see what …

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Haitians unity still in a pipe dream:Kita nago

Haitians have no unity- and that is the problematic Since the earthquake nearly 5 years ago, the country has become more divisive than ever before. No one it seems can agree to what the other is saying. Each political party has a different set of agenda and they hate each …

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Jude Célestin: l’homme providentiel que le pays attend.

Jude Célestin: l’homme providentiel que le pays attend. L’opposant haitien Jude Célestin, considéré comme le plus sérieux rival du chef de l’Etat sortant Michel Martelly est favori à remporter le scrutin présidentiel. Sous la bannière de Ligue Alternative pour le Progrès et l’Émancipation Haïtienne (LAPEH), Jude prône la création d’emplois, …

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CORRUPT MARTELLY POLITICAL PARTY (PHTK) ONLY TO WIN HAITI ELECTION IS FRAUD AND VIOLENCE Diplomats, human rights groups and witnesses say the Haitian government is methodically stifling dissent in the prelude to this weekend’s national elections oct 25th, increasing taxes, intimidation to opposition supporters, jailing political opponents and possibly killing …

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