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Lener Renauld :Haiti Diplomacy failure to pay workers causing Grave Problems

Lener Renauld :Haiti Diplomacy failure to pay workers causing Grave Problems Is Haiti bankrupt? A few months ago, there was news that the Haitian embassy in South Africa had not paid its rent for over 8 months. The case against the Haitian embassy is now in the hands of the …

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US Ambassador Pamela White “Haiti is Corrupt to the Core”

The American Ambassador Says “Haiti is Corrupt to the Core” Outgoing American ambassador to Haiti, Pamela White, is just about done with her services as an ambassador to Haiti and what she had to say about our country should not come as a surprise. What she said while departing back …

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HAITI:Steeve Khawly Introduces Himself as A Different Kind of Presidential Candidate

Steeve Khawly Introduces Himself as A Different Kind of Presidential Candidate in Haiti There are a few entrepreneurs in Haiti who are worthy of being the next president of Haiti and one of them is Steven Khawly. For decades, the Khawly family has made great efforts to boost employment in …

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Haiti Chief Of Staff Anne Valerie Timothe Milfort: A devil in disguise?

  When Martelly came to power, he selected very people to help him with his presidency. One of those females he selected was Anne Valerie. A former Fulbright scholar, Anne had great credentials, was good looking, was well spoken and smart. Within a few months, she followed Martelly everywhere and …

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  Jerry Tardieu se chwa yon jenès ki bezwen travay, yon jenès ki pa gen modèl, ki pa gen pi gran ki pou pale ak yo. Jerry Tardieu se repons yon jenès ak yon sistèm ki Monte kont yo, yon sistèm ki pa kite plas pou yo, yon sistèm ki …

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PSUGO: Presidential Candidate Newton Saint Juste ill-informed picked the wrong ship to hijack

  Our Justice system in Haiti has gone berserk. The only member of the government who has consistently been trying to eradicate corruption in the government and business is Nesmy Manigat. Nesmy has never undertaken this endeavour to enrich himself- he wants to do what is good for haiti. Now …

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Justice pour la “Bouzen imaginaire” de Sweet Miky!

Justice pour la “Bouzen imaginaire” de Sweet Miky! Koze billet avyon! Woy! Si se pou joure yon fanm Miragoane “Bouzen” se fasil! Stephanie Villedrouin fèmen deux “lèvres” li yo ( inférieur & supérieur) lan humiliation ke American Airlines fè ak JetBlue pou appauvri classes moyennes nou yo! De toutes facons, …

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Merde à tous ceux qui m’ont voté.

A Miragouane, President Michel Sweet Miky Martelly traite une femme de "pute" (bouzen en Creole)

A Miragoane, Sweet Miky crache ses cochonneries: “Merde aux Haïtiens qui m’ont voté!” D’habitude les Haitiens donnent, cherchent, trouvent un sens caché à tout. Et l’exhibitionnisme définitivement compulsif de Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly rentre, pour certains, dans le schéma d’un agenda croit-on, caché. Bluff! Du grand bluff! Martelly is really …

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