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15 facts about the Matthew hurricane response and government failure in Haiti

Picture credit:ANDRES MARTINEZ CASARES / Reuters

1) No Haitian leaders have thought to enforce laws to address the environmental degradation that has systematically made Haiti vulnerable to a light rain

2) Leadership and government of this country were simply not prepared to deal with the catastrophic Matthew Hurricane just like the earthquake of 2010.

3) People ignored the government’s last minute plea to evacuate. They don’t trust the government then and they don’t trust them now. They won’t trust them in the future as well.

4) Five days after the storm hit, they did not take the storm seriously until less than 48hrs. The government declared the situation under control.

5) Haitian governments have done precious little and have left people vulnerable to face an untimely death. The office of pwoteksyon does not have the means and money to complete their tasks

6) Evacuation started less 72 hours in the south .In fact, the government had been informed the night before the city was flooding.

7) Command center a show totally disorganize and looks like a fun place for all conferences showcase talent while people were dying in the middle of the night .

8) A fragile communications system, unreliable even in the best of times.

9) There was no execution of recovery plan and a total cover up.

10) Prioritization, timeline, and resource allocation before and after Matthew a total chaos.

11) Impact assessment does not well manage by the government, 774 schools affected plus millions of lacks of foods and clean water.

12) Haiti where the leadership obviously have their priorities out of sync.

13) The Haitian Government expected other countries to come to the rescue

14) Haitian government allows a situation where past mistakes are repeated

15) When everyone is responsible, no one is responsible not even the interior minister: Francois Anick Joseph.

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