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Haiti Endorses Interim President

A week after President Martelly left office, Haiti has finally selected an interim president today. President Martelly left the country last week not only without a president but a nation in chaos. The new leader, Jocelerme Privert, was finally elected after a marathon session by the national assembly that met until the early hours of Sunday morning. Mr. Privert will serve as prescient for the next 110 days while Haiti holds a new presidential poll in the next few months. A run off for the presidency in January of 2016 was canceled because of instability and violence. Earlier several soldiers were beaten during protests by anti- government protesters.

President Martelly actually did not help stop the violence and his era was marked by significant corruption and violence. The country remains one of the poorest in the Americas and is still struggling to recover from the devastating earthquake 6 years ago.

Mr. Privert in a speech he made prior to being elected had stated that he wants to ensure stability and foster confidence in society. He aims to prevent more violence and blood shed. The election has been scheduled for April 24, 2016. The atmosphere in Haiti remains one of calm but there is still tension around. Last week President Martelly said his biggest regret was not being able to have a presidential election to fill his place. The Constitution bared Mr. Martelly from seeking reelection but he had thrown his weight around Jovenel Moise, a novice, who had won the preliminary election- albeit with accusations of fraud. Jude Celestin, the opposition member challenged the election of Jovenel and had accused the election authority of manipulating the votes.

Now that President Martelly is gone, perhaps this may bring more stability. The ex president and his ministers were alleged to have been involved in a massive looting scheme which has left the country bankrupt.

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