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Haiti: The High Price Of Instability

Well, the prime minister of Haiti has resigned as part of an effort to clear way for a temporary government to replace outgoing president Martelly. This occurred chiefly due to the daily violent protests, said government sources. Martelly leaves office on Sunday but he can look back and see what a disaster he has left. The elections set for Jan 24 were canceled amid rumors of corruption of voter fudging. A few days ago amid internal pressure, a proposal was drawn up by Martelly and other parliament members who decided to let PM Evans Paul resign.

The new prime minister will work with a council of ministers once Martelly has left office. Opposition candidate, Jude Celestin, and other opposition members have further stated that the interim government must have a Supreme court judge in the council to run the country. However, the public is as belligerent as ever and have demanded that Martelly and the entire clan has to go.

Celestin refused to participate in the January elections and called it a Farce. Finally his reluctance to participate has paid off. Everyone believes that once Martelly steps down the country will calm down as long as there is no influence from any existing Martelly members. The opposition has always been adamant they will never accept any member selected by Martelly in the new council to run the country.

The plan is to have a new government in place by Feb 7 but who knows what will happen after Sunday. The USA which has spent a significant amount of money on the election and fears that an interim government will linger on for years and bring on more instability. However, many people suspect that the US is looking after its own interests and does not really care who is in power.

In the meantime, Haitians continue to live in poverty with no electricity and running water in many parts of the country. Thousands of young men are unemployed and who ever gets elected to the presidency will have some very tough decisions to make with regards to the economy. The only thing for certain is that Haitians have a difficult and unpredictable road ahead ,no matter who becomes president .

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