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Power transfer and elections have been plagued in Haiti by violence for long

Despite lack of any opposition, the Haiti elections are set to go on says President Martelly.With only one presidential candidate running, the world is wondering what type of elections are going to take place. Meanwhile protesters have promised to derail the elections that will be held this Sunday.For the past week, violent protests have been ongoing in the country to prevent the election, which many deem is fraudulent.

Over the past few days, protesters have burnt several electoral offices and the threat of fear and violence is very palpable in port Au prince. Over the weekend thousands of protesters threw rocks, burnt cars and even attacked a gas station. Jude Celestin, the opposition candidate says he is not running but has appealed for calm. Since the Oct elections,Jude Celestin has become vocal that the elections were fraught with voter fudging and manipulation. No one believes that the government backed candidate, Jovenel Moise, won a legitimate election.

The protesters are demanding the government call off the election and create an interim government.They are asking for fresh elections after President Martelly leaves office.Protesters have promised that this week will be violent for everyone who participates in the election. While the election council has condemned the acts of violence,it says it will go ahead with the election as promised.

Power transfer and elections have always been plagued in Haiti by violence and instability and it appears this election will be no different.International agencies have called for calm but it appears that the protesters are in no mood to listen.

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