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Haiti genocide 9753 dead with cholera: Haitian leaders and diaspora closed its eyes

No one cares about the Cholera epidemic in Haiti

No one seems to even care that Haiti is in the midst of one of the worst cholera epidemics in the Americas. More than 10,000 people have died, the majority being children but this still has not made front page news. The world is more concerned about matters elsewhere. Haiti’s problems do not matter anymore to the rest of the world. The cholera epidemic has gripped this poverty stricken nation which has no more resources to counter the problem. And to make matters worse, almost all international health organizations have taken a step back and let Haiti deal with its own problem. People have become immune to Haiti and its disasters. The chief reason is that the country has inept rulers and no matter how much donations are given, they all disappear in the pockets of the politicians. This time around no one wants to donate any more money.
Since the earthquake 5 years ago, Haiti has continued to suffer severe hardship. It is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The earthquake alone killed over 200,000 people and still today many remain homeless. The lack of fresh water and no sanitation has resulted in the worst cholera epidemic in Haitian history. Last statistics reveals that over 700,000 Haitians have become infected and over 10,000 have died. And this is an underestimate because thousands others live in rural Haiti with no hospitals, no fresh water or electricity.
The infectious disease experts do not know what is going on. There has been a blame game on how the cholera epidemic started. Haitians claim that the UN peacekeeping forces from Nepal carried the virulent strains which contaminated the drinking water in the country. The UN has denied this and refuses to divulge any more information. This past year, a law suit brought by the human right groups seeking compensation Haitian victims was dismissed by a US judge who said that the cause of the problem was from Haiti and not from other international parties.

The Haitian American community has been incensed over the lack of international concern regarding the cholera epidemic. The UN has miserably failed to address the situation. The WHO has not sent in anyone to assess the health issues and foreign aid has been drying up at a fast rate. The UN has simply failed to take steps to assist Haiti and provide any type of settlement for the victims. The Red Cross while working in Haiti has stated that the problems are exaggerated and probably worsened by the lack of donations. All this time the cholera epidemic has shown no signs of diminishing. Each day hundreds more new cases are being reported.
Despite the Haitian American pushing the UN to investigate and help out, the UN has shut out Haiti; only thing the UN has done is absolve the Nepalese peacekeepers from having brought in the cholera strains from abroad.
Even though it is well known that cholera is a water borne disease, no outside agency has helped tackle the problem of fresh water and sanitation. Haiti simply does not have the money or manpower to tackle this infection. The Haitian expats have now urged the US to assist with the epidemic. They have asked for more funds and expertise in dealing with the cholera epidemic, but the US has not yet promised anything. The Centers for Disease Control says it is looking into the problem. In the meantime, suffering and death in Haiti continue at an alarming rate.
What is even more shocking that the philanthropic Clinton Foundation which has come away with millions of dollars from Haiti is nowhere to be seen or heard; it has disappeared and has contributed ZILC to help Haitians fight the cholera epidemic. If there is one thing that has been learnt from the cholera epidemic; it is that many organization just does not care about Haitians but just the money it can get out of the country. In other word nothing more than a sham of operation with no good intentions.

Henry Beaucejour
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