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Haiti: The international conspiracy to steal the 2015 election from Jude Celestin again

This time Haitian said JUDE CELESTIN nothing else

The results of the recent Haitian election came as no surprise. Again there are allegations of fraud on part of the government. Jude Celestin was leading at all the polls and sparingly he only came in second to the government-backed candidate and political newcomer Jovenel Moise. Celestin has made it clear that he does not recognize the voting of Moise as valid. He went on to say that fraud is the only reason why Moise is ahead of him. And Celestin is not alone in his thinking; the entire country and other politicians believe that Moise was elected based on voting manipulation. President Martelly desperately wants someone from his party to carry on the tradition of governance.

Now Moise and Celestin will face off on Dec 27 for the final presidential runoff. However, the matter of voter fraud is not over as Celestin did file an appeal to the elections committee.
Celestin has been joined by several other politicians in stating that fraud occurred during the recent elections. He has now been joined by former Senator Moise Jean Charles, and members of the former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s Fanmi Lavalas’ party. Their presidential candidate, Dr. Maryse Narcisse, finished fourth behind Jean-Charles and also denounced the results during a news conference.

The public is also unhappy with the election results and violent protests have broken out in many parts of the country. Despite only a few people voting for Moise, the public is wondering how he got in first place. The government in turn has started to oppress the public with more law enforcement on the streets and arresting anyone who is protesting the recent election results.

It is known that President Martelly’s hand picked successor, Moise, has no leadership skills and has never been the choice by the public.

The provisional Electoral Council is looking at reports of voter fraud. But candidate Jovenel Moise continued to hail his victory Friday while dismissing the fraud allegation. “No matter the vote, it will be the same result,” Moise said of his 32.8 percent finish, compared to 25.2 percent for Célestin. “We are asking everyone to stay calm.”

Provisional Electoral Council President Pierre Louis Opont says the results are valid but he himself has been alleged to manipulate the results. His prior conduct and behavior during past elections have been fraught with irregularities and misconduct.

The OAS said Moise had 34.2 % of votes whereas Celestin had 22.5% of the votes and it insist the results are valid. But the entire country including Celestin believe that these numbers are fudged. Celestin has called for an independent commission to assess the voting results.

What these elections have once again proven is that Haiti has no real democracy and that corruption still rules the country. It is unlikely anything will change in Haitian politics with democrat hypocrisy. President Martelly is set on continuing his legacy by committing voting fraud.  On Dec 27, it will be no surprise if his candidate wins even if get ZERO votes-that is how life is in Haiti.
However, I think that Haitian people this time want peace, dignity so much that one of these days’ government had better get out of their way and let them have it “Dwight Eisenhower

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