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Haitians unity still in a pipe dream:Kita nago

Haitians have no unity- and that is the problematic

Since the earthquake nearly 5 years ago, the country has become more divisive than ever before. No one it seems can agree to what the other is saying. Each political party has a different set of agenda and they hate each other. Everyone is aware that there is massive unemployment in Haiti, there are no jobs, thousands of people live in tents and many more have no access to fresh water or electricity- yet these issues are rarely on the mind of politicians and even when they are, they can rarely come to a decision on how to resolve the problem. In bickering and arguments are common. Anytime something negative is said about another politician, there are always repercussions in terms of violence or crime. The majority of the public has grown to dislike all politicians. Voters rarely come out in large numbers. Even when Martelly won in 2010, he barely had more than 20% of the votes. Everyone is hell bent on destroying each others career and future. When President Martelly does not get his way, he sends his goons to threaten the people or in some cases people mysteriously disappear. The Government spends the majority of its time discrediting others rather than deal with practical issues. At the moment Haiti is a failed state and lacks leadership.

Even the recent elections were marred with fraud and voting irregularities. President Martelly just does not want to leave with grace and dignity but is trying every crooked thing to get one of his cronies as a leader. The government has not established any long term policies except for raising taxes. Everything is a lassez Faire attitude. The majority of time, the president is criticizing others or ridiculing women. Almost everyone underneath him has voiced concerns about his leadership.
The Dominican Expat issue is still not settled but the government does not appear to be concerned. The country is bankrupt despite the billions of dollars that came as foreign aid. No one can account for the missing money and yet it is evident that the newly elected politicians under Martelly now have become mega millionaires. Countless politicians have been accused of corruption, embezzlement and nepotism. Bids for lucrative projects are always offered to friends and families. There is ZERO accountability or transparency in the government-anyone who dares question is either fired or demoted.

The politicians have used the public to create enormous divisions. Everyday, there are Haitians killed or maimed through violence only because of false incitements by the politicians. The average Haitian almost never wins this war because they are deemed worthless pawns with little value.

Why there is so much hatred and division in Haiti does not have a simple answer but part of the answer is the leadership, which has continued to sway voters with false promises. What Haiti needs is a thorough renovation in its leadership and the government. The opposition needs to unite the people rather than create divisions in society. We need to learn to live with each other and accept each others fault -violence has never resolved anything. Hopefully our new leader will be more reasonable than President Martelly and also a lot more honest.

To the outside world it appears that Haitians simply have no culture of democracy and are more like savages- they may be right considering the way we have been behaving of late. We need to turn things around and become a shining example of unity and democracy.

Henry Beaucejour
Editor In Chief

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