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Jude Celestin on course to win Haiti presidential election, poll says

The elections are this Sunday and there is no better candidate than Jude

Celestin. Running under the banner of “Alternative League for Progress

and Haitian Emancipation” (LAPEH) Jude Celestin has pledged to create

jobs, make government spending more accountable and fight against

corruption. There is no other political member who is practical, honest and

has a vision like Jude. Most other candidates are only in the running to

make money, but Jude feels that it is about time someone made Haiti a

better place to live.

Born in Port-au-Prince in 1962, Celestin was educated in Haiti and studied

mechanical engineering in Switzerland. Over the years he has seen the

demise of Haiti and wants to make a positive contribution.

He has promised to rebuild Downtown Port-au-Prince and ensure that

people in the country have fresh water and electricity-something that has

not happened for decades. His primary concern is to ensure that there are

jobs for youth and above all make the government transparent and open to


Jude Celestin already has solid experience in government matters and is

well aware of the inside workings of Haitian politics. He has always been

well supported by voters and feels that he has a good chance to win the

presidency. He has also distanced himself from Preval and initiated his own

political agenda if he becomes president.

Celestin has promised to provide Haitians with skilled training so that they

can better compete for jobs in the labor industry. Over the years Celestin

has built a reputation for hard work, honesty, fairness and equality. His

rallies have drawn large crowds who are eager for change. While not a

man of the “media” Celestin is a superb orator and knows how to behave

like a leader.

His leadership of the National Equipment Center (CNE), the main state

construction company in Haiti which built rural roads in recent years, gave

him some visibility during the immediate rescue and debris-clearing after

the January earthquake.

His backers have trumpeted his CNE experience as a concrete example of

just what Haiti — and its donor partners offering billions of dollars of

reconstruction funds — needs to rebuild after the devastating quake.

Jude Celestin has promised to initiate projects that employ Haitians rather

than foreigners. He is adamant that Haitians need to reclaim the country

and develop their own initiatives.

Unlike current president Martelly, Jude is practical and sensible. He is a

diplomat and understands that communication is key to resolving crises. He

would like to sit down with the Dominicans and workout some deal

regarding the expats. He is aware it won’t be easy but it will be much better

than doing nothing.


Finally Jude Celestin is a strong believer in democracy and rule of the law.

He thinks Haitians need to get the judicial system in order in order to protect

the rights of its citizens. Our kudos to Jude Celestin for his beliefs and we

hope he does become the future president of this country.

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