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Haiti:Antonio Sola paid 3.5 millions to Sway Election results to corrupt Martelly

Antonio Sola paid millions to Sway Election results

Everyone knew before the election on August 9, that President Martelly’s party was far behind. Not one poll showed the PHTK party to be leading. Even the voters on the day claimed that they were never voting for the PHTK party because of the incessant corruption. Well guess what; after the election the PHTK party won, and now we find out that this again was due to a major bribe paid by President Martelly.
Manipulation of the votes was always suspected in the recent Haitian elections and now members of the PHTK who are not happy have brought forth stark allegations. The campaign chief, Antonio Sola was paid $3.5 million of tax payer money to sway voters towards the PHTK party.
There is strong evidence that Antonio Sola received tax payer money to away the voters to vote for the PHTK party. So far neither Sola nor the President has said anything about this matter.

On Sunday we now have our elections for the presidency and the people of Haiti need to wake up and get rid of the corrupt president and his party for once and for ever. Martelly has done nothing for the country except enrich himself, his family and friends with millions of dollars looted from the government coffers. Haiti is bankrupt and broke because every single policy instituted by Martelly failed. His last 5 years have seen more crime, violence and poverty than ever before.

So Haitians on Sunday you need to make your vote count. Get rid of corrupt politicians and vote for people who can change your life- for the better

Hole Mugambe

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