Tuesday , March 20 2018



The past 5 years under president Martelly have been a nightmare. This musician president who got elected fraudulently had no prior leadership experience has taken down Haiti back to the stone ages. The country has never seen this much crime, corruption, bribery or embezzlement in its 200 year history. Martelly destroyed congress chamber and destroyed the judicial political institution. Anything or anyone who would say that he was wrong was either destroyed or removed from office. He has very little respect of human rights and is downright humiliating to women. He cares little about women and only thinks about them as sex objects. Many cases have occurred where President Martelly has used crude words to describe women.



Today Haiti is one of the most popular drug routes for the cartels. The reason, Martelly and his clan are most likely involved and rarely prosecute anyone. The law enforcement is abysmal and is also in the pockets of the drug cartel- all this is with blessings from the President. At no time in Haiti’s history have Haitians paid such high taxes. There is now tax on everything in Haiti and the only people who benefit are the politicians. Martelly introduced more taxes than any previous president. Under Martelly our foreign affairs and consular services are a mess. Rents for embassies have not been paid and staff has gone without pay for months. Consulars are fired without any explanation. Even though Martelly has never had any education in foreigner affairs, he still pretends to act like the foreign minister and makes ludicrous decisions. The Dominican fiasco and Haitian expats situation occurred under President Martelly who miserably failed to solve the crises. He has absolutely no interest in the lives of expats and could not careless. He has not made one effort to make peace with the Dominicans and resolve the situation. Five years after the earthquake, there are billions of dollars missing; the infrastructure has not been developed, hundreds of thousands of Haitians live in tents (80 % living in poverty, 24% living in extreme poverty around the country), there is no water and electricity in most of rural Haiti, at the same time the President and his clan have acquired more wealth, more cars, more real estate and have bulging bank accounts. One has to ask where did all this money come from. Under Martelly, the majority of the money for reconstruction of Haiti was offered to friends and family without any bids. Haiti is now a dangerous place and this is because under Martelly the judicial system has disappeared. Criminals roam the streets, violent crimes are on the increase, and no one in the government has ever shown an interest in reversing this violence. There is absolutely no doubt that Martelly has ZERO leadership skills. He has no management skills; he has no respect for the law or democracy. He and his family have looted the coffers of taxpayer money and the country is bankrupt. Finally under Martelly there has been higher unemployment than ever. Most of the youth have no jobs and there is future for them.


These are just a few reasons why Haitians shouldn’t vote for the PTHK party. All Martelly has done is make himself rich at the expense of the Haitians. Under him the country has regressed in every aspect of life. For once and for all we need to get rid of this Vermin and start fresh. If you want to have a future in Haiti then do not vote for the PHTK party. If you do, not only will you die poor, but you will die young.


Henry Beaucejour

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