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Sorbonne university Graduate Ex consul Justin Viard clean of all cutthroat attack by Media Mosaique & co

Recently there was news that Justin Viard was fired from his job as Consular for Haiti in Montreal. No one from the government or from Mr. Viard’s side has acknowledged the real reason for this sudden dismissal. Mr. Viard had already established as solid reputation in Montreal and played an active role in lives of many Haitians living in the province of Quebec. However, reports coming from third party sources reveal that the management in Montreal was rampantly involved in corruption, embezzlement, irregularities, lack of accountability and personal gain. Many of the people who worked under Mr. Viard also mismanaged finances and were involved in bribes.

A lot of allegations were made against Mr. Viard while he was a consular and a recent audit carried out by the Haitian Chancellery suggest that the irregularities did not involve any financial accounts of the Consulate but those of a personal account of Mr. Viard. In fact, Mr. Viard was not involved in anything negative. It appears that Mr. Viard has issued a cheque in the amount of $9,800 to La Tohu on Jan 9, 2015. This was to finance an activity related to the fifth anniversary of the Haitian earthquake. For some unknown reason the money he claimed for reimbursement from the administration of the consulate on behalf of Tohu was not even cashed in. Later Tohu claims that Mr. Justin rushed to him on Sept 30, 2015 to deliver another check by modifying the date to ease the cashing.

The whole story is confusing and it appears that Justin Viard is an innocent bystander. Other reports indicate that Justin Viard was trying to clean up the financial matters and was then accused of stealing funds from the embassy.Mr. Viard has now hired an attorney to sue Media Mosaique for defamation and other damages.

The only thing for sure that we know is that Justin Viard is no longer with the consular service. He has not been charged with any crime nor has any proof been produced that he has done anything illegal. All the material that has been written about him appears to be an attempt by Media Mosaique and allies to destroy his reputation.

While the Haitian diplomacy struggles to pay its rent in south Africa, Mr. Viard managed to lower consulate rent in Montreal by 37%. Mr. Viard with his banking career managed millions of dollars’ and was involved in multimillion dollar transactions. In addition, many of his banking colleages have reached out to our editing staff and mentioned Viard as a man of integrity. Why would a man of Mr Viard’s qualification and prestige risk losing it all for $9,800.? He was already a highly paid consular and had never ever before involved in any scandal, so why would he sacrifice all that he had achieved for a few miserable dollars? No one has ever shown that he pocketed the money nor has anyone proved that he stole anything else. All we have are innuendos from the opposition without any proof. These days anyone can get online and slander anyone- and this appears to have happened to Mr Viard.

Why did Media Mosaique and other cronies engage in this nefarious conduct is a mystery? One must wonder if the people running Media Mosaique were paid and by whom? Media Mosaique have continued to engage in spreading false, destructive, and defamatory rumors about the uncompromising Mr Viard without an iota of evidence. The same people at Media Mosaquie did the same thing when they attempted to destroy the reputation of Haitian celebrity Fabienne colas. It is clear as mentioned by Henry A. Kissinger that “Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem.” Mr. Viard, a Sorbonne Graduate, is brilliant, intelligent and has continued to thrive in the world of cutthroat haitian politics which is hell bent on destroying all good people shame on them .

Hole Mugambe

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