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Haitian voters won’t accept fraudulent, violent election results similar to August 9th by PHTK, says opposition

The US government is claiming that the recent Haitian elections are simply not credible. Well, this may be news to the Americans but we Haitians have always known that fact about our President and the election process. US Congresswoman Maxine Waters has called for an investigation into the Haitian elections. Besides outright fraud, there is evidence to support that Martelly’s party used violence and voter intimidation during the recent elections. In the US, there is no one who believes that elections were held in a democratic fashion. The US State Department had sent a letter to the Secretary of State John Kerry to visit Haiti and determine the status of the election in Haiti and how more fraud can be prevented in the second round of the upcoming presidential elections.

The US has urged Secretary Kerry to take all appropriate actions to ensure a free and democratic process in Haiti. He has also been asked to investigate the source of violence and ask for the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to make immediate changes in reform to ensure public trust. A copy of this letter was also sent to Kenneth Merten, the State Department’s Haiti Special coordinator.

Throughout her time in Congress Maxine Waters has visited Haiti numerous times to promote social equality, democracy and human rights; but it seems that President Martelly was both deaf and dumb to her ideology- he on the other hand has always been keen on practicing thuggery, bribery, corruption, crime, and every type of embezzlement to the maximum. Maxine Waters is a staunch supporter of haiti and is deeply concerned about the recent elections, which she believes are not valid. There are numerous allegations that the political party of President Martelly used government funds, government vehicles and other stationary to run their campaign, which is in direct violation of the election process. President Martelly has continued to flaunt the rules as he sees right and has set a troubling precedent in haiti- break the rules and win at all costs appear to be his modus operandi.

The last elections on august 9 were characterized by delays, trouble, disorder and violence at many polling stations. Turnout was very low chiefly due to voter intimidation. What Maxine Waters is wondering is why the CEP has failed to investigate and sanction the candidates responsible for the violence. President Martelly better take note of the words stated by President John Kennedy in his famous speech some 40 years ago, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

The US has promised that it will no longer fund any more elections in Haiti if the process is not changed. CEP needs to establish better reforms and make everyone accountable.

However, Opposition asked them to tell the corrupt dictator regime (Martelly/PHTK) to not use this fake system of collating election results. If not, this will trigger violence in this country and we don’t want election violence again.

Hole Mugambe/Henry Beaucejour

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