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Justin Viard: An outstanding diplomat for Haiti in Montreal

On Sept 4 2015, Justin Viard, the Consul General of Haiti in Montreal was terminated form his job- no explanation give- just the way our government has been doing things for the past 5 years. Mr. Viard had no alternative jobs offers- he was simply terminated without any viable explanation. This sudden recall of the ambassador from Montreal has led to confusion among the Haitian community in Montreal. Why the Haitian Government went after Mr. Viard is not known as no one has spoken out on this matter.

Mr. Justin Viard was selected as an ambassador not because he had connections in the government but because of his stellar qualifications. He was a banker for over 15 years, a member of the AMF (Financial Market Authority), taught at the Faculty of Law from the University of Port-au-Prince and Institute of Business Administration (IAE-third cycle) of France, was member of the AMF Quebec, and a University Professor. There are not many people in Haiti who have one tenth of his qualifications and yet work in the consular services. So far, Mr. Viard has had a pristine career devoid of any corruption, embezzlement or crime. He has always done what was right for Haiti and what was good for the country. His reputation in Montreal as an ambassador has been outstanding. The man is a true professional, articulate, well-spoken and intelligent- but for some unknown reason the Haitian government felt that he had to go.

Mr. Viard was gracious in his departure speech just saying that he had accomplished his mission and it was his privilege to have served the Haitian community in Montreal. His tenure lasted 3 years. He succeeded Pierre Richard Casimir in 2011.

Only time will tell what happened to Mr. Viard. The government of Haiti has done many despicable things in the last 5 years and thus, this should come as no surprise. Mr. Viard fortunately did not lose anything; he served the country well and left with his head held high. The only people who have suffered and will suffer are the Haitians in Montreal. There is no one more competent than Mr. Viard in the Haitian government who can be his replacement. Martelly and his gang may think they are doing the smart thing but in fact they are making a fool of themselves. By removing Justin Viard for no apparent reason indicate that the Haitian government still is primitive in its ideology-it has no concept of democracy nor does it appreciate the intelligent the work of educated people in haiti; rather than communicate as humans they act as savages.

Henry Beaucejour

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