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Jude Celestin surges ahead: can he really seal the deal this time?

Jude Celestin tried his luck in the 2010 elections but unfortunately luck was not on his side and he had to drop out. He has been silent for the past 5 years but having witnessed the complete rundown of Haiti by the current musician president, Jude has decided to give it a second try.

During the elections in 2010, Jude had a very successful run at the presidency and everyone at high hopes for him. A mechanical engineer by training he has always wanted to do the right thing for Haiti.
Prior to being nominated as a presidential candidate in 2010 for President Rene Preval’s Unite party, he was also the executive director of the governments’ department of construction, the National Center of Equipment. During the 2010 elections his agenda was for more employment for the youths and programs to help fight juvenile delinquency.

Jude Celestin is one of the few honest politicians in Haiti. He has always been held in high esteem by both by the public and his colleagues. He has never been involved in any major scandals throughout his career.

The events of the past 5 years recently got him thinking that he needs to do something for Haiti, and thus he has now elected to run for the presidency. He has seen ample evidence that the country is going downhill; there is marked unemployment, the people of Haiti are suffering and most important, the youth have no future. His goal is to change as much as he can and bring Haiti back to an elite status where it can be respected as a nation on an international forum.
Throughout his career he had always stood for what he has believed and has excellent leadership skills. He has remained silent for the past 5 years during the reign of president Martelly so as not to create any further turmoil.

Jude Celestin has stated that this time he does not want to make the same mistakes that were made in 2010. His major political agenda is to help create jobs and also improve training for middle managers in the economic sector. His overall goal is to revive the nations’ export and cultural industry so that the GDP can be improved.
Silently Jude has helped to reconstruct Haiti since the earthquake. Jude Celestin feels that now is the time to make changes in Haiti. He has already submitted his clearance certificates to the electoral authorities.

However, success for Jude Celestin will mean channeling and amplifying the growing voices of Haitian protest against rising inequality—classes, economic, political and corruption in Haiti. More than that, it will mean translating the frustration of millions of Haitians into an alternative vision of the nation’s future. It will mean making the connection between all the political parties, platform including the organization agenda and rising inequality—and pointing a way forward for those who are saying “enough is enough,” and who can be mobilized, as Jude believes, into a grassroots movement with the resources and the will to push back. Hopefully when October comes, the voters will listen to him and give him a chance at the presidency. What all of Haiti needs is less of Martelly and corruption?

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