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Haiti: Communication Minister Rotschild Francois. Jr a class act journalist resigns

Haiti: Communication Minister Rotschild Francois. Jr a class act journalist resigns

Just the other day, Communication Minister Rotchild Francois handed in his resignation to Prime Minister Evans. The events surrounding the resignation are just incredible. First the entire country is aware of the reputation of the communication minister. He has always been forthright, transparent and frank in his professional work. He is probably the only minister who has been unscathed by any scandal. While the government did not provide a reason for the resignation of this highly educated minister, reports filtering out indicate that President Martelly is the cause, again.

In his resignation letter, Rotchild Francois indicated that the work situation was not tolerable anymore and getting worse every day. He was no longer in a position to make any positive impact and it was better that he resigned. He went on to thank the president and other ministers.

Now to the real story. It appears that a recent convention, President Martelly called Rotchild a liar in front of an international crowd. The word “liar” was used several times to denigrate Rothchild for no apparent reason. The convention was held at the Carifesta festival at the champ deMars in agista. President Martelly suddenly got up and berated the communications minister and went on to call him a liar. Rothchild Francois has been a government spokesperson for some time and the president went on to claim that Rotchild has a habit of lying every day. In addition, at a ceremony to dedicate the departure of the US ambassador Pamela White, President Martelly further asserted that Rotchild was nothing more than a joke.

This is just another circus being run by the president. He stabs the people who have done a great job and have stood by him over the 5 years. The character of Rotchild François speaks for itself. He is perhaps the only one with excellent credentials and is a superb professional at his job. Yet the President criticized him and called him a liar. Perhaps the president has too much insecurity and cannot accept the fact that he has single handed completely destroyed the country. This is not the first time the president has acted in a demonic fashion. There has been a pattern of abuse of his ministers and senators over the past 5 years. Anyone who dares criticize him is thrown to the dogs.

For Mr. Rotchild François, this surely is not the end of his career; he is a bright young man who has a lot to offer to Haiti. Perhaps, getting away from the Martelly clan will allow him to flourish and reclaim his status as one of Haiti’s most outstanding journalist. As for President Martelly, his reign as a depot is soon coming to an end and he can continue carrying on being the clown that he was before he entered politics.

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