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Haiti Chief Of Staff Anne Valerie Timothe Milfort: A devil in disguise?


When Martelly came to power, he selected very people to help him with his presidency. One of those females he selected was Anne Valerie. A former Fulbright scholar, Anne had great credentials, was good looking, was well spoken and smart. Within a few months, she followed Martelly everywhere and publicized the slowness in construction of Haiti after the earthquake.

She was on a government salary of 120,000 GDES. Yet incredibly in a time span of 2 years, she has amassed a fortune. She recently gave her husband more than $50 million $$ contracts according to the Haiti Observateur/touthaiti (La valse des millions continue: SUR FOND DE CRISE ÉCONOMIQUE ET DE DÉGRINGOLADE DE LA GOURDE). None of the contracts were offered for bids. There is no accounting on the total amount of money and who would be in charge of construction. Being the executive secretary of the Tet Kale party means she has a lot of clout over money and decisions.

But the question remains, is where did she gets that much money and who told her to award the contract to her husband? Is this not nepotism of the first degree?

Despite being a Fulbright scholar, it is obvious that Anne Valerie lacks morals and probably never took a course in ethics. She has become as corrupt as the entire Martelly clan. When Martelly chief of staff Anne Valerie , bought 2 Land Rover bullet proof cars at the rate of 120000 US or gave Husband Patrice Timothe 50 Millions $ contracts, was it stealing or corruption? Or better still, did she exploit power for personal gains or she just stole someone else’s money or public funds without permission? Why were there no bids? Is there not a conflict of interest in awarding her husband the million dollar contracts?

Anne Valerie has built a reputation around women’s equal right and community organization but in hindsight all this is nonsense. There is not one iota of evidence to show that she has done anything for the progression of women’s right under corrupt dictator Martelly. She has continued to talk big but in essence is now looting the country of the donations it received for reconstruction. She is no different in character or personality to Martelly or any other member of the Tet Kale party. Once does not become a criminal overnight- It is a progressive career. She has jumped from making a few thousand dollars a month to control of mega million dollar projects- which she awards to friends and families. How much her husband will keep of these millions will never be known because the political system lacks transparency and accountability.

Is the Martelly government fighting corruption at all? How can you cure or treat a disease when you have not accepted the existence of such in your body? You feel some signs, a doctor diagnose, and you get treated. In this case, they said there is no corruption.

Governance in Haiti will or can be significantly reformed and remarkably improved if leaders like Anne Valerie Timothe can pursue the following objectives: providing effective leadership, promoting accountability and transparency, treating opposition with respect, and revamping public institutions that anneal both good governance and the democratic process. These objectives, if seriously and vigorously pursued, will reinvigorate and entrench the essential tenets of good governance obliterated by appallingly hubristic and provocatively corrupt dirty Haitian leaders.

Haiti has no real future. Not a good one, anyway. I give the nation anywhere from 5 to 25 years before it will self-destruct under a mountain of debt, disease and corruption. You can thank the corrupt politicians like Anne Valerie Timothe and President Michel Martelly for that. They’ve thrown away the dream of a nation that was once great and could actually be great again, if not for the greed.




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