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Newton St Juste malicious lawsuit against Minister of Education ‘hit by lack of evidence ‘

Newton St Juste malicious lawsuit against Minister of Education ‘hit by lack of evidence ‘

Recently famous showbiz lawyer, Newton St Juste fired off a letter saying he is suing Minister of Education Nesmy. The problem all started after Nesmy uncovered embezzlement of money by school administrators. The schools were making up fictitious number of students so that they could get more government money. Nesmy and his team discovered was that many schools made up bogus names of students and pocketed the money. Many administrators have admitted their wrong doing. So now our famous show biz lawyer sends a letter saying he is suing Nesmy. He does not say why he is suing, he has not even obtained the real documents from education Department to find out the scale of the problem, who was involved or who has been charged.

He has not interviewed anyone from the Education ministry and more important, he has not even spoken to Nesmy or obtained a deposition. Like any grabby lawyer he says is filing a law suit on behalf of the school administrators who have been found to be embezzling money- but he has no facts. What our esteemed lawyer Newton fails to understand is that Nesmy was never the one involved in the corruption, nor did Nesmy encourage this embezzlement. Nesmy’s sole purpose was to uncover fraud and submit the allegations to the authority office. But Newton like a show biz personality hates getting the facts and rushes like a buffoon with scare tactics. He has no idea which schools or administrators were involved in the embezzlement as all the information has yet to be published.

The four major mistakes made by this experienced lawyer include 1) failing to provide the names of schools where this embezzlement is said to have occurred 2) failing to get the tax ID number (PATENTE) 3) only the schools charged can call for the minister of education to appear in court and 4) Minister Nesmy did not sign an agreement with any director but only the institution did.

Newton should chill out and stop making himself look dopey. It is obvious that he knows tidbit about law and even less about the education system. How he can proceed with a lawsuit against a person who was trying to uncover corruption is a mystery- but in Haiti, anything is possible. Hopefully, Minister Nesmy won’t be scared of this nonsense lawsuit by Newton Hip Hop lawyer and in turn sue him for defamation of character.



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