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Haiti: Former President René Preval, strong ally of Martelly visited Washington to defend Jacky Lumarque who needs to give up

Haiti: Former President René Preval, strong of Martelly visited Washington to defend Jacky Lumarque who needs to give up

During the last moment of Michel Martelly’s presidency, his best ally is the former two full-term President, René Preval who occupied the seat of Prime Minister under Aristide’s term and then became President in 1996 and 2006. On both occasions, Aristide’s influence played a big role to help him achieve his seat at the National Palace. Although Preval helped Aristide fly from exile in 2011, the Lavalas base still blame him for not letting the former priest return earlier. In fact, during the speech at the airport, Jean-Bertrand Aristide didn’t even say the magic words “Thanks Mr. Preval”.

Let us not forget how INITE let Jude Celestin abandon the race with the international community’s complicity. René Preval accepted Martelly’s choice in lieu of Jude Celestin. Celestin was forced to quit the race by Preval’s nonchalance and internal division of INITE. Jude Celestin himself was the wrong choice at the right time in a country traumatized by the 2010 quake.

René Preval symbolizes failure and idiocy. He has no beliefs in institution as was he ironically called “tubeless” like a Head of State who has no time to construct, design, structure a Legislative agenda in establishing the rule of law. His style transpires an abracadabra style who is annoyed by ideas that are too academic and scientific. His character is no way to resist but to “let it go”. Celestin failed to reject 2010 elections results that current CEP Pierre-Louis Opont denounced. René Preval seemed to contribute in accepting Gaillot Dorsinville’s fake results.

In 2015, René Preval traveled to Washington DC to lobby for Jacky Lumarque, VERITE’s presidential candidate. That gesture does not fit René Preval, the man who showed poor resilience to the international community decisions. In Wikileaks files, former US Ambassador to Haiti, Janet Sanderson, it was revealed that Preval was a great ally of the Americans.

Now he is fighting for Lumarque to be in the race by all means including street protests, lobbying, attacking CEP’s credibility. Lumarque didn’t submit his two certificates of discharge on time. He filed out the CEP presidential application on 20th May 2015 without mentioning two discharges. Many in the public perceptions believe the Dean of University is reaching the limit of poor image by insisting to justify the unjustifiable in claiming he didn’t need discharge. Does he feel he is the end of credibility and integrity line. Lumarque needs to wake up and stop driving the elected population in illusive mode. René Preval is wasting time because Lumarque denied the 20 May deadline to submit all his papers, mainly the discharges.

Preval and Martelly are strong allies. They will find an ultimate coalition to backup one candidate that will guarantee them a peaceful life, by staying away from Prison. They both are afraid of Lavalas’ return that might administrate a revenge political agenda. Both men will have a bipartisanship agreement to stop Jean-Bertrand Aristide who is very active in the upcoming elections. Lumarque needs to stay on hold and stop fighting the wrong fight that has no future

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